Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Minyak Lintah ( Lintah Oil )

Oil bloodsucker made from the bloodsucker and coconuts that are old. Many of the benefits from oil bloodsucker. Oil bloodsucker recept from Mrs EROT, Sukabumi, West Java.For further information please contact phone: 0828 292 0861

Senin, 18 Mei 2009

Holistic Therapy for humans

Holistic Therapy means treatment / treatment of disease associated with the overall system of life - sport, was born - arcane, sport - soul, fisik - as a psychological unity more than the mere collection of parts.
Disease in the religion / theism is not a condemnation of God but as a form of love Alloh against God's people who believe in the power of God .
Thus, each disease there are certain medicine.
Holistic Therapy Clinic developed by Moh. Sigit up power and permit Alloh can help treatment remotely.
If you / your family or friend interested in the long distance healing:
1. Give the name and address data patients
2. Complaints disease.
After recover the disease transfer of money to a savings account Simpedes BRI
Branch / unit : 0153 Wonosari
Account Number : 0153-01-005367-53-9
Good luck and see you egain.