Senin, 18 Mei 2009

Holistic Therapy for humans

Holistic Therapy means treatment / treatment of disease associated with the overall system of life - sport, was born - arcane, sport - soul, fisik - as a psychological unity more than the mere collection of parts.
Disease in the religion / theism is not a condemnation of God but as a form of love Alloh against God's people who believe in the power of God .
Thus, each disease there are certain medicine.
Holistic Therapy Clinic developed by Moh. Sigit up power and permit Alloh can help treatment remotely.
If you / your family or friend interested in the long distance healing:
1. Give the name and address data patients
2. Complaints disease.
After recover the disease transfer of money to a savings account Simpedes BRI
Branch / unit : 0153 Wonosari
Account Number : 0153-01-005367-53-9
Good luck and see you egain.

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